Curiosities for the near times ahead

The most fascinating historical periods have always been filled with chaos and disarray. They surely make captivating stories when revisited in hindsight, but for those living their lives through those uncertain times reality was probably not that thrilling. An old circulated saying -that has also been commonly described as a curse- says “may you live in interesting times”, as if we were condemned to accept and acknowledge the greatness and irony of our own present tragedies. A statement that it sounds as optimistic as it is sarcastic.

And here we are today, living our…

I was born in a dictatorship. It is something that I never really think about much, but once in a while it hits me: The unconscious forces shaping my early world views are probably more Orwellian than what I would like to.

The first four years of my life coincided with the end of Augusto Pinochet’s ruthless authoritarian regime in Chile, and even though I didn’t experience much of it myself, I was certainly molded by its cultural, political and emotional repercussions during the following decades.

I learned how to read by putting together the letters “n” and “o”, painted…

Nicolas Francisco Arroyo

Director of Foresight & Founding Partner at Bespoke Copenhagen

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